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Derek Jeter allegedly makes guests at ‘St. Jetersburg’ home forfeit phones upon entering

Yankees Spring Training

Photo credit: New York Post

According to a brief snippet from the New York Post‘s Page Six, New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter likes to keep things on the down-low when welcoming guests into his palatial estate in Florida.

Dubbed “St. Jetersburg,” the waterfront mansion sits on Davis Island and offers 30,875 square feet of luxury living space.

What it doesn’t offer, however, is freedom of technological use for its guests. According to a source, Jeter makes visitors surrender their cell phones and cameras before gaining entry.

Apparently, The Captain has a basket in the foyer where any photo-taking technological device is to be placed before leaving the entry area.

“He points and says, ‘Phones go there,’ so no one can take pictures inside his house,” says a Page Six source.

Makes sense. And well within his rights as a homeowner, I suppose, although it does come across as a bit standoffish to guests. Then again, this is St. Jetersburg, and, as the czar, Jeter’s whims and demands are the law of the land.

For superstars and celebrities, any sense of privacy, contrived or not, is a premium. One is left to wonder, however, what kind of chicanery and debauchery occurs within the home and on its grounds. Probably not much, but no one is every going to be able to provide photographic evidence if such activities do go on … which is a good thing for Jeter.