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Serena Williams throws ’80s party, wears leotard, legwarmers, Tina Tuner wig (photo)


Yep, that’s a 1980s look alright. Serena Williams evidently is a huge fan of all things 1980s, so she threw a party with a theme that was simultaneously radical and grody to the max, to use the parlance of that time.

As you can see, Serena opted to go with a neon green leotard with stripey tights (very ’80s), neon green and neon pink legwarmers (also very ’80s) and a Tina Turner-esque wig (she’s “your private dancer, a dancer for money, any old music will do,” for crying out loud — so ’80s).

Man, I sure don’t miss that garish, ugly and overindulgent decade. Sheesh.

One last note: If you’re headed to an 80s-themed costume party, don’t wake me up before you go-go. Please.

[H/T Beyond the Baseline, image via @serenawilliams]