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Philadelphia Flyers star Scott Hartnell has a new children’s book out (photos)


Philadelphia Flyers winger Scott Hartnell has joined the ranks of fellow pro athlete-turned-children’s book author Metta World Peace with the release of “Hartnelldown.”

The book, fittingly given its title and the author’s propensity for taking tumbles, is all about Hartnell falling down. Makes sense.

The book retails for $19.00 and currently is available for pre-order at the Hartnelldown website’s online store.

The motivational tale is described as follows:

Get the first children’s book from Kyla Hartnell, Scott Hartnell and the Hartnelldown Foundation! It’s the must-have gift for the little or big kid on your list.

Count the number of times Scott Hartnell falls as he journeys from his backyard rink to the NHL. Find out why his teammates claim, “It ain’t a practice ’til Hartnell falls.”  One thing is for certain… He always gets back up!

Indeed he does. Indeed he does.

It’s a great thing that Hartnell penned a children’s book. It helps dispute the notion that hockey players are a bunch of goons and simpletons. Not that some of them aren’t goons and simpletons, just not all of them.

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