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Alex Rodriguez tells Dominican Republic media he is ‘very optimistic’ about case


Alex Rodriguez was in the Dominican Republic on Thursday to take part in David Ortiz’s Celebrity Golf Classic in Santa Domingo. While paying a visit to one of his former stomping grounds — A-Rod’s parents moved the family there from New York when he was four before settling in Miami, Fla. — Rodriguez somewhat discussed his current arbitration case against Major League Baseball as he appeals his 211-game suspension, but remained tight-lipped about any details and was very vague in his comments.

“All I can say about this case — I cannot say much — we are very optimistic,” A-Rod told reporters in Spanish according to a report from Mexican newspaper El Universal, as quoted in a New York Post story.

A-Rod’s comments followed a visit with Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina. The two reportedly engaged in a conversation about “various areas related to baseball,” according to a statement issued by the president’s office.

But in the end, A-Rod revealed very little about the case, saying, “We are very happy of how things were in the process. I cannot talk anymore.”

Huh. A-Rod cannot talk anymore. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?

The entire arbitration process has been a total circus, beginning with Rodriguez angrily storming out of a hearing while cussing out an MLB investigator. A-Rod’s attorney team later amended its lawsuit against Major League Baseball to include a seemingly harmless photo of Commissioner Bud Selig posing with a kid wearing an “A-Roid” shirt years ago.

An in-depth New York magazine piece also alleged that A-Rod used to refer to PEDs as “food” in text messages to Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch.

So, yeah, not only would it be nice if A-Rod couldn’t talk anymore, it would be a welcome development if anyone even tangentially related to this far-too-drawn-out case to zip it and just end it already.