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San Francisco 49ers fans raise funds to erect billboard in Seattle to troll Seahawks fans (photo)


Brimming with confidence following the team’s 19-17 win over its division rival, a contingent of San Francisco 49ers faithful decided they were not going to simply stand by and not respond in kind to a gambit perpetrated by Seattle Seahawks fans. Sufficient funds were raised by Seahawks fans to have a plane fly over Candestick Park with a banner that read “Go Hawks” prior to the teams’ big showdown last Sunday.

Nearly 300 49ers fans have pledged funds to get a smack-talking banner erected in the Emerald City in order to troll Seahawks fans.

Do you like apples, ‘Hawks fans? How do you like them apples?

The goal of raising $7,000 already has been exceeded utilizing the fundraising website The pot currently stands at $7,800 and excess funds reportedly will be donated to charity so fans are continuing to donate.

Campaign organizer Aasheesh Shravah posted the following message on the page:

After lots of discussion in the 49er Faithful group (and based on the great idea of Michael Narvios), a lot of us have decided to counter the Seahawk’s plan of flying a plane with a banner around Candlestick by placing a billboard showing 49er pride right in Seattle, preferably by Century Link Field.

This group has been created to raise funds to place a billboard within half a mile of Century Link Field. Seahawk fans raised 2k, we can raise a lot more. We have contacted companies in Seattle with multiple billboard ad locations. We are looking to raise about 7-8k to keep our ad there for at least 1 month, all during December and some of January for their playoff games.

The proposed billboard (above) pits the 49ers’ substantial postseason championship success to the lack of titles the Seahawks have won. Five Lombardi trophies dominate the foreground of the proposed sign with Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” making up the background.

That’s some serious smack talk. But something tells me the back-and-forth and one-upmanship that characterizes the ever-increasingly bitter rivalry between these two franchises won’t end with this billboard. Seahawks fans will no doubt have some response to this attack, although unless the teams meet in the playoffs, it may have to wait until next season.