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Utah Jazz mock Kobe Bryant’s silly comeback video with one for Marvin Williams (video)

The Utah Jazz displayed a bit of snarky brilliance on Wednesday by openly mocking the ridiculous amount of pomp and circumstance that preceded Kobe Bryant’s long-awaited return to the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

In case it was missed, here’s the over-the-top video that announced Kobe’s triumphant return to the hardwood:

A bit much, eh?

Well, the Jazz had reason to feel good about one of its better players returning to the lineup. On Wednesday, Marvin Williams took the court with his teammates after missing four games with inflammation in his right heel.

Despite the short length of time Williams was out — far less than the eight months Kobe was away from the court — what better way to celebrate his “triumphant” return, especially because the Jazz lost all four games Williams was out of the lineup than to create a video of their own?

Which is exactly what the Jazz did, in essentially an exact replica of Kobe’s overdone video. Well played, Utah Jazz. Well played, indeed.

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