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Logan Morrison shows incredibly poor judgment with tasteless homophobic joke on Twitter

Logan Morrison’s name has been in the headlines this week in light of the news that he was traded from the Miami Marlins to the Seattle Mariners.

For the most part, Morrison generally comes across as an affable fellow, a funny guy, the kind of guy who would be fun to sit with and have a beer or two.

Further, Morrison typically is a hoot on Twitter, but on Thursday, the ballplayer went too far. In a tweet since deleted, Morrison made a tasteless homophobic joke during a bout of Twitter banter with someone who was clearly trolling him.

Even so, the joke was in poor form, disrespectful and showed little class. And it undoubtedly will earn Morrison some more headlines. Unfortunately on this occasion, the headlines will be unwanted and cast Morrison in an unfavorable light.


Not good. Poor form, man. Poor form.

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