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Jacksonville Jaguars fan figures out way to make a Hummer look even more ostentatious (photo)


After dropping its first eight games, the Jacksonville Jaguars deserve a lot of credit for not rolling over and giving up on the season. After the aforementioned 0-8 start, the Jaguars rebounded nicely winning four out of its next five games.

Back in April, the team unveiled a new jersey/helmet combination and apparently this guy really dug the new duds, so he decided to get a custom paint job on his Hummer that was inspired by the new look.

The Jags currently are on a three-game winning streak, something that makes this fan’s decision to trick out his paint job not seem so foolish.

With all apologies to any Humvee owners out there, what is foolish, however, is actually owning a Hummer. Seriously, what kind of jerk would drive one of those?

Yep, that’s about right. Thanks, “Family Guy.”

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