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Elderly New York Knicks ‘dancer’ shakes what the Good Lord gave her in disturbing fashion (video)

Apparently, the New York Knicks, given that owner James Dolan unleashed his frustration with the team by putting the kibosh on any performances by the Knicks City Dancers during games at Madison Square Garden, trot out non-cheerleader types to pump up the fans.

During a recent game, an elderly woman took center stage at center court during a performance and it was … something.

Let’s put it this way: No woman her age should move her body in the manner in which she does in the above video. Hoo boy.

That, my friends, is nightmare fuel. Especially at the end, when she shimmies as she shakes her bosom in the most disturbing of ways. Truly a freaky scene, man. Yeesh.

Although, to be fair, her performance did showcase an abundance of spirit, enthusiasm and commitment, qualities severely lacking on the Knicks roster thus far this season. Even Irate Knicks Fan, whose epic meltdown about the team is as brilliant as it is profane, would not be able to come up with anything critical about her efforts.

[H/T Total Pro Sports, video via Instagram]