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Google compiled the Top 10 YouTube sports videos of 2013, so here are all of them (videos)


Thanks to Google, the top ten trending sports videos of 2013 have been compiled, and what better way to but a nice little bow on the year that was than by counting them down here on SoB?

So, here goes.

#10: Minnesota Timberwolves do the Harlem Shake (8,261,534 views)

Remember the Harlem Shake? Unfortunately, you probably do, but the Minnesota Timberwolves did a fantastic job of incorporating one of the most overplayed crazes of 2013 into a video where a Miami Heat is given his due comeuppance when Crunch, the T’Wolves mascot, enters the frame and begins bludgeoning the helmet-wearing Heat fan with a bit.

#9: Young Nebraska Cornhuskers fan battling cancer scores a touchdown (8,332,832 views)

Jack Hoffman, a seven-year-old battling brain cancer, rushed into our hearts when he ran a 69-yard TD during Nebraska’s spring game.

#8: Manchester United do the Harlem Shake (8,751,919 views)

Yep, more Harlem Shake. And it ain’t even the last one on the list, either. Sheesh.

#7: Ohio State Buckeyes marching band does impressive Michael Jackson tribute (9,271,479 views)

At halftime of Ohio State’s win over the Iowa Hawkeyes, the school’s legendary marching band paid tribute to the King of Pop with a dazzling display of choreography, timing and style.

#6: Carly Rae Jepsen throws out horrible first pitch (9,663,704 views)

The “Call Me Maybe” songstress showed that she’s better off singing annoyingly catchy songs than showcasing her athletic prowess — or lack thereof — as clearly demonstrated by this terrible first pitch before a Tampa Bay Rays game in July. “Call Me Never Again to Throw Out a First Pitch” is more like it.

#5 South Korean rhythmic gymnast throws out acrobatic first pitch (11,346,092 views)

Soo-ji Shin, a rhythmic gymnast hailing from South Korea, put some style into her pitching efforts with an athletically dazzling display of agility as she flipped and contorted before tossing a fantastic first pitch.

#4 Trick-Shot Titus shoots his way into Internet infamy (13,269,847 views)

Titus, the two-year-old trick shot phenomenon (who is still making new videos, by the way, showed off some truly remarkable shooting skills.

#3: Backflip over 72-foot canyon recorded on GoPro camera (14,919,850 views)

Daredevil Kelly McGarry flips a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013 to earn a 2nd place finish. The man clearly is insane.

#2 LeBron James tackles a Miami Heat fan after he drains a shot for $75,000 (30,846,213 views)

Scoring a $75,000 payday by draining a half-court shot is nice, but being tackled by the greatest basketball player in the world afterward was probably nearly as sweet.

#1 Miami Heat does the Harlem Shake (46,890,925 views)

I warned you above — another one was coming. Apparently, 2013 was the Year of the Harlem Shake. Thankfully, only a few weeks remain and hopefully we can all move on and forget about the dang dance. 2014 can’t come soon enough.

On the other hand, with three videos on the list, it could be argued that 2013 was the Year of the Miami Heat. Ditto on the 2014 can’t come soon enough bit, right?

(via New York Daily News)