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Panthers LB Luke Kuechly gets in dance-off at NFL Play 60 event and it ain’t pretty (video)

Good grief. While Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly deserves praise for making an appearance at an “NFL Play 60” event at a Charlotte-area elementary school on Monday, he deserves condemnation for subjecting the students, faculty and staff — and now, the Internet — to some truly terrible, completely clumsy and extremely awkward dance moves.

Keuchly may be enjoying a successful season on the field (113 tackles, 3 interceptions) as he leads the 9-4 Panthers on a remarkable and improbable run to a shot at the postseason, despite losing to divisional rival New Orleans Saints on Sunday night.

Springfield Elementary was one of 34 schools around the U.S. that were chosen by the NFL as a “Super School” this year, and Kuechly, along with teammates Steve Smith and Thomas Davis delighted 700 students during a pep rally.

But it was Kuechly, who regretfully agreed to a dance-off with 1st grade teacher Nikki Letterhoss during the event. And Sweet Fancy Moses,¬†Kuechly’s efforts were on the one hand deserving of an “E for Effort.” On the other hand, that’s not dancing, Sally.

But Miss Letterhoss had some pretty sweet dance moves that somewhat balance out Kuechly’s sad performance.

Now, that’s much closer to respectable dancing. Kuechly?

Not so much.

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