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Kobe Bryant says ‘Vanessa (expletive) hates me’ because he lost five pounds in first game back


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but for the average man, said scorning from the fairer sex usually does not involve losing a few pounds. In fact, most women likely would prefer their man to lose some weight.

Vanessa Bryant, the gorgeous wife of Kobe Bryant, however, is not one of those women. Apparently, she likes her man to have a little meat on his bones. According to Kobe, Vanessa is none-too-pleased about the fact that he lost five pounds in his first game back on the court after eight months of on-court inaction that included injuring his Achilles tendon, surgery and a grueling amount of rehab, something he even cracked a joke about following the game.

While Kobe’s shot wasn’t dropping during his first game back on Sunday, his weight was. Per a tweet from USA Today NBA Insider Sam Amick, Kobe revealed that Vanessa is pissed about the weight loss.

What a potty mouth on Kobe. But as far as he is concerned, Kobe probably would prefer that Vanessa (expletive) hates him over losing a few pounds then, you know, other stuff that has caused trouble in the couple’s marriage in the past. Just saying.

And to think, it was only a few days ago the Bryant family unveiled their annual Christmas card. How things can change so quickly.

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