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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook involved in prolonged, unfriendly interaction with fans (video)

Oklahoma City Thunder v Atlanta Hawks

(Photo credit: Kevin C. Fox)

As the time winded off the clock during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 101-92 win over the Atlanta Hawks at Phillips Arena on Tuesday night, both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant appeared to get involved in a not-so-friendly and extended interaction with some fans seated courtside.

While it is unclear from the video exactly what was going on nor what the substance of the conversation was between the fans and the Thunder stars, it was evident that it wasn’t simply a case of two parties casually shooting of the breeze.

Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry did tweet information about what was not going on during the interaction.

Both players, as well as teammate Kendrick Perkins — who appeared to be a bystander during the altercation — were tight-lipped about what transpired before the two were separated from the fans and escorted away — especially Westbrook, who appeared particularly perturbed — before things got potentially ugly (via

Kevin Durant, in a clear sarcastic tone: “He really respected how we played the game. He just wanted to tell all of us one-by-one.”

Russell Westbrook, when asked if the fan was chirping at him: “Yeah, yeah, yeah”

Kendrick Perkins on the fan: “Sometimes they can get a little disrespectful”

This kind of thing — unnecessary confrontations/interactions between Thunder players and fans at opposing arenas — seems to be developing into something of a trend for the team, in particular Durant, who just last week got into a back-and-forth with a Portland Trail Blazers fan before telling the smack-talking fan to “Shut up.”

Oftentimes, discretion is the better part of valor and some things are best left unsaid. There’s nothing good that can come from engaging fans, no matter what they said or did. There is no need to create an unstable environment where another “Malice at the Palace” can develop.

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