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Johnny Oduya’s visor saved him from being disfigured, scarred and possibly blind (GIF)

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya should be thanking his lucky stars that he has elected to wear a visor during games. Had it not be for that protective piece attached to his helmet, the 32-year-old veteran could have been in some serious trouble after Dallas Stars winger Ryan Garbutt came barreling into him during Tuesday’s game.

Garbutt’s momentum from trying to truck Oduya caused him to lurch forward, sending his right skate blade as he toppled into potentially horrific proximity to Oduya’s face.

The skate forcefully ricocheted off Oduya’s visor and had he not been wearing it, well, the results would have made the ghastly injury recently suffered by a lower-level Canadian pro hockey player seem minor by comparison. And that’s saying something.

That’s way too close of a call right there, man.

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