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Bill Cowher really appeared to be enjoying himself at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (video/GIF)


Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and current “NFL Today” analyst Bill Cowher was among the esteemed guests who were granted up-close access to the “Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show” that aired on CBS on Tuesday night. Of course, this makes perfect sense as networks generally like to give their on-air personalities some face time during broadcasts of big, prime-time events. And with Cowher being one of the most prominent talking heads on the network’s flagship NFL program, well, that’s what they call “cross-promotion” in the TV business.

And for what it’s worth, Cowher seemed to be enjoying the procession of barely-clothed flesh parading and strutting up and down the runway, as the cameras caught him taking in the spectacle with a leeringly pleased look upon his face (via Jimmy Traina’s Instagram):

And a GIF (via @cjzero):

Bill Cowher is a dirty hold horndogger. There, I said it. Well, I wrote it. Typed it, more accurately. I’m not a weirdo who dictates what I write to myself as I’m typing it. That would be strange.

Anyway, here’s a question: I wonder what Cowher’s girlfriend, musician Queen V (if she is in fact still his girlfriend), thought of his televised display of horndoggery? We all remember this classic from a few months ago when Cowher made an appearance in one of her music videos, right?


Ha. Nice eyeliner. Never gets old. And pretty much the same grin to boot.