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Damn straight: Tom Brady on Rob Gronkowski’s injury: ‘No one feels sorry for the Patriots’


Through it all, the New England Patriots keep chugging along. With a roster already decimated by injuries this season — Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen to name a few — the Patriots nevertheless sit at 10-3 and have a stranglehold on the AFCE east, up three games on the 7-6 Miami Dolphins. No matter what is thrown at them, the Patriots continue to soldier on, undeterred by the sort of setbacks that usually will cause most NFL teams to roll over and give up.

But not the Patriots. Aaron Hernandez’s murder charges, injuries, playing the first six games of the season without Rob Gronkowski, it doesn’t matter. New England just keeps on winning.

And now, with the news that Gronkowski is out for the year after tearing the ACL and MCL in his right knee during the Patriots’ 27-26 comeback victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, the team is once again faced with another formidable challenge. But if history repeats itself, the Patriots are going to be just fine.

Tom Brady, the team’s unquestioned leader, understands that no matter what happens to the Patriots, no matter how dire the situation may appear, no matter how much “bad luck” comes the Patriots’ way, it doesn’t matter. There is no one out there who is about to feel bad for the team.

Speaking about the latest devastating injury, Brady admitted it was hard to see his tight end go down with a severe injury.

“It hurts to see any of those guys go down, certainly with Gronk — and we’ve sustained some pretty big injuries this year with really important, critical players,” Brady said on Monday. “We’ve got to just keep bouncing back.”

Brady then conceded that there would be no NFL pity parties for the Patriots. Through it all — the Super Bowl victories, the seasons in which the team came up short in the playoffs, the Patriots have been and remain the gold standard to which other NFL franchises measure themselves to determine exactly where they stand in the hierarchy of the league.

And guess what? There isn’t any team, player or fan base who are about to feel bad for them.

“I always say no one feels sorry for the Patriots,” Brady said. “I think we all feel sorry for Rob, but I don’t think anyone feels sorry for the Patriots.”

Damn straight.