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Jonathan Papelbon’s atrociously ugly sweater, cheesy smile highlight fantastic holiday photo (pic)


Big league closers, to a man, are notoriously rather strange fellows, prone to eccentricity and oddball behavior. Perhaps the high-pressure role of closers attracts these kind of personalities, perhaps the pressure creates the personality.

Whichever way it is, current Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon definitely is an interesting character. With that in mind, this holiday photograph of Papelbon and his wife Ashley (who tweeted it) certainly fits with the closer’s unique persona.

Not only does the ugly Christmas sweater lend itself nicely to such a hilarious photo, Papelbon’s ridiculous smile — not to mention that cheesy mustache – completes the abject silliness of it all. At least Papelon’s holiday photo, unlike the Kobe Bryant family Christmas pic, is intentionally funny.

Rumor has it the team may be interested in trading Papelbon, but what team wouldn’t want this guy on their roster?

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