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Holy Cow! This photo of a shirtless Harry Caray from 1978 is simultaneously great and awful (pic)

Courtesy of the SI Vault Twitter account comes this terrific yet disturbing photo of Harry Caray circa 1978. As you can plainly see, the Chicago broadcasting legend is not wearing a shirt, one of the more glaringly disturbing details of this dated photo, but not the only one.

This photograph was taken in the seats during a Chicago White Sox game in the old Comiskey Park when Caray was 64 years old. Some of the younger set may not know that Caray spent a decade calling White Sox games before moving to the North Side and turning into a Chicago Cubs icon.

But egad, that photo. All of you whippersnappers who have no memory of living some part of their life in the 1970s cannot begin to appreciate — or shudder when thinking about– just how quintessentially 1970s this photograph is and how dreadfully it entails the cheesiness of that forlorn decade.

The hair, oh, the hair. And the clothes. Good lord, the clothes. Check out Caray’s white pants. Good grief. The lack of personal hygiene that became part of the 1970s just as much as it was an integral component of the 1960s.

I swear I can smell body odor emanating right out of that photo. Put simply, kids, this was the 1970s. Be grateful you didn’t have to live through it.

HOLY COW! Indeed.

[H/T For the Win]