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Presumably trying to start an open revolt, Brian Shaw bans fast food in Denver Nuggets locker room


Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw apparently has grown tired of slow, sluggish and uninspired starts to games, so after seeing players mowing down on all kinds of fast food before tip-off of a recent game, decided enough was enough and has decided to ban delicious but energy-draining fast food from the team’s locker room.

Via The Denver Post:

Shaw has searched for answers to their offensive woes in the first quarters of games. Last week, he walked through the locker room, saw players eating pizza and nachos and believed the poor diet to be the cause. So he picked up all the junk food and threw it in the trash.

The Nuggets had fresh salads with chicken breast and cold cut sandwiches before Monday’s game. The sluggish result was the same.

“We’ll keep searching and seeking until we find (it),” Shaw said. “We just talk about the starters needing to start the game for us. Our bench has been tremendous really this whole season. They’ve bailed us out of a lot of situations.”

Mmm … fresh salads and cold cuts. While nutritious, neither of those options possess the same mouthwatering qualities of a bacon cheeseburger or a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Whatever the reason, statistics show that the team truly does stink up the court in first quarters of games. The Nuggets, according to NBA Stats, while tied for fourth in the NBA in first quarter scoring at 26.7 points per game, has been atrocious in the team’s last three outings as scoring in the first quarter has plummeted to an average of a paltry 19.3 points.

The slow starts of late can also be seen in team defense in the first quarter. The Nuggets have been statistically deficient all season when it comes to allowing teams to get off to a good start offensively. So far this season, the Nuggets are allowing an average of 27.4 points in the first quarter, 29th-worst in the NBA. But the past few games have been even uglier, as the team has allowed a whopping 29.3-points on average over the past three games.

So, Shaw, apparently bereft of any other ideas of how to jump start the team’s offensive output and defensive performance in the earliest stages of the game, has decided to give fast food the old heave-ho. No Taco Bell, no Burger King, no KFC, no Sonic, no Chick-Fil-A, no McDonald’s. Nothing.

My guess is, to tweak McDonald’s popular motto to reflect the presumed prevailing attitudes in the Nuggets locker room as it relates to the change, the players are not “lovin’ it.”

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