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Auburn Tigers fan doesn’t vet tattoo artist, shows poor form with ‘War Eagel’ tramp stamp tattoo (pic)


Seriously? “War Eagel”? Not only did this good sense-challenged Auburn Tigers fan not only availed himself of the services of a tattoo artist who clearly lacks the spelling proficiency of the average eight-year-old elementary school student, he also elected to have the tattoo inked into his lower back, the location typically reserved for what is commonly referred to as a “Tramp Stamp.” As in, “The Place Where Chicks Get Tattoos, Not Men.”

Fail fail fail.

I suppose it only makes sense. With Auburn’s monumental upset the Alabama Crimson Tide on its way to punching its ticket in the National Championship game, it only makes sense that less-learned members of its fan base would also get horribly executed tattoos featuring egregious spelling errors. It’s a sign that Auburn has truly arrived, I guess.

I bet once he learns of the gaffe — and there’s no guarantee he has realized it (who knows, right?) —  he will go to his grave insisting that he hates the f**kin’ “Eagels,” man.

REAL QUICK UPDATE: According to College Spun, this is a fake, a clever demonstration of Photoshop proficiency done by some wisenheimer Auburn hater:


Man, I wish it were real, though. And yet, despite the alleged Photoshop work, the tattoo still is a tramp stamp, and there’s nothing redeeming about that aspect.

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