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Tiger Woods, when asked to break down Lindsey Vonn’s skiing technique: ‘Hell no’

Given that Tiger Woods unbelievably blew a four-stroke lead in the final eight holes to go to ultimately lose to Zach Johnson in a playoff at the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge (his own tourney), we can only surmise this footage from NBC’s broadcast of the tournament came from Saturday when Tiger was in much higher spirits. Because there’s no way in hell would Tiger have been as affable following Sunday’s meltdown.

In the video, Woods is asked by Roger Maltbe to analyze a run by galpal Linsey Vonn as she attempts to come back from a re-injured ACL in Lake Louise, Alberta during her improbable stab at still making it to Sochi despite the re-occurrence of the knee  injury.

Vonn suffered a partially re-torn ACL a few weeks ago and her performance on the slopes over the weekend is nothing if not mind-blowing.

But don’t ask Tiger to critique her skiing technique. When Maltbe asks Tiger to do so, the golfer quickly and jokingly responds, “Hell no.”

Classic. Let’s hope no one asks Vonn to critique Tiger’s performance on Sunday.

[H/T Eye on Golf]