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Eli Manning would make one helluva good-looking transvestite (photo)


Some San Diego Chargers fans let Eli Manning during the hometown team’s 37-14 smackdown of the New York Giants at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday by gussying up a head shot of the quarterback to make it appear that “Sheli” was wearing a ridiculous amount of garish makeup. The fans then proudly displayed it in such a way that there was no chance in hell that Eli didn’t notice it (above).

Of course, Chargers fans have some right to be predisposed to antipathy and vitriol towards the Giants signal-caller given how he and his daddy spurned the Chargers organization leading up to the 2004 NFL Draft when the Mannings stated unequivocally that Eli would never play a game as a member of the Chargers despite the team holding the No. 1-overall pick.

Sure, the Chargers ended up with Phillip Rivers — a more-than-competent quarterback — but it’s obvious given the reception Manning received that fans never forget a slight.


The beauty mark/mole really ties the entire glam and feminine look together:


And on second thought, no, Eli Manning would not make one helluva good-looking transvestite. Quite the opposite, actually.

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