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Shocking: Johnny Manziel supposedly is spending his 21st birthday in Las Vegas


(not an actual pic from Johnny’s 21st, but it’s a reasonable approximation)

Since there is no doubt whatsoever that you had it marked on your calendar, made a paper chain and incrementally upped your booze intake so you’d be ready to celebrate remotely as persona non grata, today marks Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy-winning sophomore quarterback and party dude Johnny Manziel’s 21st birthday. Of course, a 21st birthday is an important milestone event for all young adults, Manziel’s reputation as a good time-having bro makes it all the more likely that he would mark his official entrance into legal drinking age territory with something a little more glitzy and glamorous than a drive down to Applebee’s with some pals for a shot and a beer at midnight.

And the word on the street is that Johnny Football did go all-out — at least to a certain extent — with his 21st birthday festivities, as he allegedly was in Las Vegas on Thursday night as the clock struck 12:00.

According to a tweet from Mike McCoy of College Station’s own KRHD, Manziel was nowhere near campus late Thursday evening.

And Manziel’s best bud Steven Brant tweet the following early Friday morning from Sin City:


Where’s TMZ, indeed.

So, there you have it. Johnny Manziel was in Vegas to ring in his 21st birthday. Really, would it have made sense any other way?

Oh, and you just know either Manziel or one of his buds said “VEGAS, BABY!” over and over and over.

[H/T Lost Lettermen]