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How romantical: Man emerges from Benny the Bull costume to propose to Bulls dancer (video)

If there’s one thing that really ups the ante when it comes to really sealing the deal when it comes to romantic proposals, it’s inflatable NBA mascot costumes. Also, the element of surprise, not to mention making the proposal in front of thousands of strangers. Call it the “Trifecta of Perfect Proposal featuring Props.” Or whatever.

One young man hit the said trifecta on Thursday night during the nationally televised game between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat at the United Center when he proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, who just so happens to be a Luvabull, otherwise known as a Chicago Bulls dancer.

To maintain the aforementioned element of surprise, the guy donned an inflatable Benny the Bull costume. And as the Luvabulls were completing a routine, he emerged from the getup like a calf emerging from an inflatable cow’s womb. Probably not the most elegant way to put it, but hey, I’m not the one who came up with the proposal idea. That’s on him, man.

Even better? The Derrick Rose-less Bulls throttled the Dwyane Wade-less Heat by a score of 107-87. Yet another component of the romantic story these two undoubtedly will their children one day.

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