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LeBron James is either highly anal-retentive or he has obsessive-compulsive disorder (photo)

Or, as LeBron James himself readily admits, he’s just a neat freak.

Early Friday morning, LeBron and his Miami Heat teammates, likely still smarting after being pounded by the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, arrived in frigid Minneapolis for a Saturday showdown with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Upon his arrival in what presumably was his hotel room, LeBron decided to post a photo to Instagram an image that make it abundantly clear that King James may have some issues, at least as far as how it relates to the manner in which he unpacks his luggage while on road trips.

As you can see above, LeBron compulsively feels that he needs to re-fold his clothes in a precise manner when unpacking, something he admits himself.

He writes: “No matter what time I get home or I’m my room on the road. It’s 4:43am in FREEZING Minneapolis by the way! I have to hang or fold my clothes back. #ItsAMust #NeatFreak #ITakeCareOfMyStuffCauseIRememberNotToLongAgoWhenIDidntHaveMuchAtAll”

And yes, as a resident of the Twin Cities area, I can attest to how freaking and miserably freezing it is outside. Cold as a witch’s titty, as they say.

But moving on, holy hashtags, LeBron! How can he be so neat and orderly with his clothes and be so unkempt and disorderly with his social media musings? Strange, although it warrants appreciation that LeBron notes in one of his hashtags that he does remember where he comes from and recalls a time when his life wasn’t as good as it is now.

And still, LeBron may want to take a deeper look at what compels him to be so obsessive about his stuff. And if you suspect that it is only his clothing and unpacking habits that belie a little OCD, or at the very least  a highly anal-retentive personality, I have on good word that when he cooks, he can give the “Anal-Retentive Chef” (as expertly played by Phil Hartman) a serious run for his money.