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How would NFL quarterbacks look if they were bald, you ask? Terrifying … and hilarious (photos)


GAH! The horror … the horror…

In some of the best examples of Photoshop chicanery, skullduggery and tomfoolery in recent memory, Mandatory did a little photo editing to show how some of our favorite NFL quarterbacks would look if they were bald.

Simple premise, hilarious results.

Above, as you can see, New England Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady looks certifiably ridiculous sans his beautiful hair. A horrifying A regular old chrome dome he would be, ready for a game of shuffleboard and a glass of tepid water.

Below, a few other examples of bald brilliance with an NFC North theme: Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, Chicago Bears field general Jay Cutler and Green Bay Packers MVP QB, Aaron Rodgers.

matthew-stafford-bald jay-cutler-baldaaron-rodgers-bald

Goodness gracious. I’m not sure which one of those two is worse. Stafford’s well-coiffed side-hair is something else, but Cutler … man, he looks like an alien.

But guess what? Even if Cutler suffered the cruel fate of losing his hair, do you know what he’d say about it? “DONNNNNNN’T CARRRRRRRREEEEE!!!”

Also, Cutler needs a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. Just to complete the picture.

And Rodgers? Don’t ask me why, but to me, he looks about right.

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