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Fernanda Lima stole the show at 2014 World Cup draw, she’s gorgeous, so here’s 38 photos of the model


So, as every red-blooded American is well-aware of by now, the United States got kinda jacked given its placement in the so-called “Group of Death” along with Ghana, Portugal and Germany as the draw for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil was announced on Friday.

I’ll leave the hardcore analysis to those individuals better-suited and more up to the task, but if you were paying attention online, a Brazilian model and actress named Fernanda Lima became quite the sensation and arguably the most talked-about component of the announcement as she served as eye candy during the festivities as the draw was revealed.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of galleries showcasing Lima’s considerable beauty. The first one being shots from the announcement of the final draw and the other being a more general look at the Brazilian stunner. Enjoy.

(Note: Click on any photo in either group of photos to launch the respective gallery)

And the rest that provide testament to the 36-year-old stunner:

Now who’s got World Cup Fever! Woo-hoo!

In all sincerity, there are few sporting events more exciting than the World Cup. And Fernanda Lima? She ain’t bad, either. Here’s a GIF, courtesy of The Roosevelts, that pretty much wraps this all up nicely: