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RG3 played the ‘People Who Don’t Play Football Don’t Understand Football’ card


With the Washington Redskins suffering through a nightmare season that is falling (and continuing to fall) far below expectations, Robert Griffin III was asked by the media on Thursday if, with the team well out of playoff contention, the team should bench him and insert Kirk Cousins into the lineup. The reasoning behind such a move would be to avoid the potential of the team’s franchise quarterback suffering an unneeded and unnecessary injury in a meaningless game.

But RG3 disagreed, saying that even if the playoffs are out of the question, continuing to play is the only option, as playing in real-live NFL games is the only way a player truly can improve (via The Washington Post):

“I think you always have something to play for,” Griffin said. “No matter what, when you step on the field, our record doesn’t matter. Every time we step on the field, we have a job to take care of, and we get to play a game that’s a lot of fun. Losing’s not fun, and everyone knows that. But at the end of the day, you have to show up and make a conscious effort to get better. Whatever it is, when you look at yourself on tape, you say, ‘I need to get better at this.’ Make a conscious effort to get better over these next four games.”

Wth how much RG3 has struggled — and he most certainly has struggled this season (understandable given he’s a second-year player coming off a devastating injury) — it has been suggested that perhaps taking the game in from a different vantage point — say, the sidelines — might help RG3 get himself in better shape, both mentally and physically, for next season.

While insisting he wasn’t offended by the question, RG3 bristled at the notion, then busted out the dreaded ‘People Who Don’t Play Football Don’t Understand Football’ card:

“I don’t take any offense to that. That’s just outsiders looking in that don’t understand the game of football,” Griffin said. “When it comes to a time like this, it’s easy for guys to check out. I think it would be real cowardly of me to check out and say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to play these next four games.’ It’s not who I am. It’s not who any competitive football player is. You want to play, so we’re going to finish out the year and you take what’s happened this year, being 3-9, and you face it. … You have to do the same thing no matter whether you’re winning or losing, and we’ve got four games, and I’m going to give it my all these four games, and I know these guys will, too.”

Most of what RG3 had to say in response to the inquiry is understandable, even commendable. However, to insinuate that it isn’t a reasonable question to ask and then to suggest that to bring up such a notion indicates that a person who doesn’t play football couldn’t possibly understand the game is ludicrous, as is always the case when a pro athlete elects to play that card.