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Rex Ryan jokingly hides behind podium after loud noise interrupts press conference (video)

Despite the team struggling mightily of late, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan clearly has been able to retain his sense of humor.

While addressing the media, a loud noise (or was it a low rumple … followed by a metallic ‘squink’ … and then a mysterious…’glonk’? /Seinfeld-ed it) interrupted the coach.

Not skipping a beat, Ryan showed off his comedic chops, jokingly ducking behind the podium as if he were the intended target of whatever caused the noise, perhaps an irate media type attempting to rub him out? After all, the New York media is notoriously vicious and Ryan has been through its wringer before.

Ryan even alluded to the possibility, saying something about the team being on a three-game losing streak, and then conceding that he would understand if that indeed was the case and someone was trying to get rid of him.

Well done, Coach Ryan. Your team may be close to playing themselves out of playoff contention — although there remains hope — but a happy-go-lucky attitude and the ability to think quickly on one’s feet never hurts.

[H/T Shutdown Corner, video via SportsNet New York/SNY]