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Despite apology, NBC Sports Radio earns ‘Price is Right’ Losing Horn for idiotic Jameis Winston tweet


By now you have likely heard or read that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged with the sexual assault of a fellow FSU student who accused him of raping her about a year ago.

State Attorney Willie Meggs announced the decision not to pursue charges at a news conference Thursday, indicating that after an exhaustive investigation, evidence was lacking necessary to win a conviction.

”After reviewing all the evidence in the case, we did not feel like we could meet that burden,” Meggs said.

Here is how some mouth-breathing halfwit running the NBC Sports Radio Twitter account elected to break the news (screengrab via Deadspin):


Ugh. If any tweet from a prominent and respected news outlet ever deserved the “Losing Horn” from “The Price is Right,” this would be the one, so here you go:

For what it’s worth, the tweet was quickly removed and the following apology tweets were issued:

Too little, too late. But the misuse of the exclamation point in the first tweet is a nice touch (Jake Jarmel) would not approve). Although now it seems that tweet has been deleted as well. But nothing is ever truly deleted on the Internet. Surprised they didn’t know that. Derp.