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Indiana Pacers staffers live tweet ‘Bus Ride from Hell,’ C.J. Watson getting locked in bathroom (pics)


The Indiana Pacers had one hellish of an experience traveling from Salt Lake City to Texas for the team’s upcoming game against the San Antonio Spurs.

Thankfully, the team’s game against the Spurs isn’t until Saturday, so the fact that inclement weather meant the charter plane had to land a few hours outside of San Antonio in Houston wasn’t the worst thing ever. But that does not mean it wasn’t a horribly frustrating experience nonetheless.

The plan was for the Pacers to take a bus from Houston to San Antonio — a three-hour ride — which would mean the team would arrive at its hotel in the early, early morning. And that’s when things started going horribly, horribly wrong.

Yeah, the bus had issues.

Pacers radio play-by-plan man Mark Boyle and David Benner, the team’s Director of Media Relations, chronicled the snakebit bus trip.





9:30 in the morning? Jeez Louise, man, what a hellish night. Someone cue up Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”, pronto.

And meanwhile, when all this was happening, guard C.J. Watson managed to get himself locked in the bus’ bathroom. Roy Hibbert and his freakishly bulbous elbow chronicled that part of the “Texas Bus Ride Nightmare”:

When it rains, man, it most certainly pours. A hotel bed probably never felt as good as it did for the Pacers on Thursday morning.