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Fan given ‘NBA Fan Code of Conduct’ card that warns him to stop behaving like a jerk or else (photo)


A user on reddit posted the above photo on Wednesday night and claims his buddy received it while attending an NBA game. While the user doesn’t specify what game his pal was attending — although it does appear to be the Detroit Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks game at the BMO Harris Bradley Center — nor is it indicated specifically what kind of behavior or antics gave rise to receiving the “NBA Code of Conduct” card, it’s something I have never seen before.

But the kind of behavior that one has to engage in to receive such a warning is pretty clearly spelled out on the little card, so whoever receives one of these bad boys has two things going for them:

1) They weren’t booted out of the game, only warned; and
2) They have a nifty little memento that documents that they in all likelihood engaged in boorish, loutish and/or offensive behavior at an NBA game.

Pretty sweet deal. And suitable for framing. Or scrapbooking, if that’s his thing. It goes right on the page, “Stuff I Should Be Embarrassed About But Am Actually Proud Of Because I Can Behave Like A Jagoff In Public And Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks.” The title leaves little room for photos and stuff, but that’s a pretty informative, not to mention compelling, scrapbook page right there.

One last question: Did “Mean Old Gray Beard,” the Portland Trail Blazers fan who had a standoff with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant on Wednesday night, receive a warning card? If he didn’t, then, well, there you go.

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