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Euro hockey player takes puck to mouth, looks like he has mumps on one-half of face (photo)


GAH! Do you know what that is? Evidence of a not-so good day at the old hockey rink.

And here’s a news Flash for you: Getting drilled by a thick disc of vulcanized rubber (puck to the layperson) square in the mouth? Not good. Just ask Tomas Pitule.

Pitule plays forward for the HC Plzen of the Czech Extraliga league and on Sunday during a game against HC Hradec, he attempted to block a shot, presumably with his body, but instead blocked it with his face. Taking one for the team, indeed.

According to a report from iSport, Pitule required a whopping 78 stitches to deal with the damage, 60 in the inside of his mouth and 18 on the outside. Yamma hamma.

Oh, and his jaw was fractured as well as a result of the violent impact and he is expected to be out about six weeks. It looks like it’s smoothies and shakes for Pitule for the foreseeable future.

[H/T Puck Daddy]