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ESPN nixes Ron Burgundy’s ‘SportsCenter’ appearance due to expected news about FSU QB Jameis Winston


Horrible Winston’s Timing!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

All kidding aside, in what can only be considered an astute decision by The Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN has decided to cancel Will Ferrell-as-Ron-Burgundy’s scheduled and highly publicized appearance on the 6 pm ET broadcast of “SportsCenter” on Thursday due to the sobering, very real and all-too-serious news regarding whether or not Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston will be charged with sexual battery in the alleged rape of a fellow university student.

The announcement regarding Winston from Attorney Willie Meggs is expected during a 2 pm ET news conference.

While some may scoff at the notion that ESPN wouldn’t be capable of somehow working Ferrell-Burgundy in to the broadcast somehow is a moot point. Any attempt to segue from such a serious news topic into Burgundy sipping Scotch while making witty one-liners about sports would likely go over awkwardly and it is an unnecessary risk for ESPN to take. Despite all evidence to the contrary, ESPN is a news organization first and foremost.

ESPN further stated no plans are in the works to reschedule Ferrell-Burgundys’ appearance.

Sometimes, playing it safe is the best decision. This is one of those cases.

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