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Red Sox fans savage Jacoby Ellsbury for signing with Yankees, call him ‘trader,’ burn stuff (pics/vid)


In what Boston Red Sox fans view as the ultimate act of betrayal, outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury signed a seven-year, $153 million contract with the most hated of rivals, the New York Yankees.

Of course, BoSox fans were distraught, offended and downright enraged upon hearing the news, so many of them took to social media to savage Ellsbury for such a grievous affront to Red Sox Nation.

As you will see below, outbursts included the burning of a jersey and a baseball card, but what may be the most amusing aspect of the reaction to such egregious treachery on Ellsbury’s behalf was how many Red Sox fans were incapable of finding the correct word to use when attempting to call Ellsbury a “traitor,” instead referring to him as a “trader.”

For the more sensitive readers of the site, I have avoided embedding tweets that feature the spewing of f-bombs (although at least they spelled the variations of that expletive correctly), but for those, please refer to Deadspin’s chronicling of the savagery.

First, the aforementioned jersey-burning:








And then, along comes this young lady, who puts it all in perspective:

There you go. In summary, Jacoby Ellsbury, “your” still a hottie. But you’re still a trader. But hey, take comfort, Red Sox Nation: At least he isn’t a trapper.

That’s a bit from my old “America During the Frontier Days” comedy routine. Trader, trapper, yadda yadda yadda. Don’t make me bust out my Davy Crockett material.