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Heartbroken 4-year-old Red Sox fan: Jacoby Ellsbury is the ‘worstest player’ (video)

A Boston Red Sox fan roused their four-year-old son from a pleasant slumber to break him the somber news that Jacoby Ellsbury has signed a seven-year, $153 million megadeal with the hated New York Yankees.

Not surprisingly, the wee lad, who considered Ellsbury — before he joined the Evil Empire — his favorite player, was understandably devastated. He not only says that Ellsbury “stinks” but that he is also the “worstest player” ever. Not only that, the kid attempts to get out of school because he’s too sad. Well played, young man. Well played, indeed.

We must allow, given the age of the youngster and his fragile state of mind at the time, some leeway with the use of the non-word “worstest.” At the same time, poorly articulated expressions of emotion and thoughts seem to be a consistent theme among Red Sox fans when grappling with Ellsbury’s exodus out of Red Sox Nation. It would be interesting to see how the kid would spell “traitor” is all I’m saying.

But you have to feel for the little guy. When you’re young, these kind of experiences with sports can be profoundly devastating.

The boy’s parent describes the scene on YouTube:

I wake the little guy up and tell him the news about Jacoby.. My son tells me he “can’t go to school today because he’s too sad that Jacoby Ellsbury plays for the yankees because the yankees stink” the fact that my 4 year old cried over his favorite player going to play for the yankees…….. Awesome. I’m obviously doing something right hahaha YANKEES SUCK

Yes, the heated and bitter rivalry that exists between the Yankees and Red Sox aside, the parent who uploaded the video must be doing something right (“hahaha”), as what other kind of parent than one that is doing something right characterizes waking up their 4-year-old son and seeing him cry as “Awesome”?

Oh, I kid, I kid. We all know what the parent meant. That’s right: YANKEES SUCK. Indeed.

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