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Brandon Weeden joins Matt Schaub as an NFL QB who has experienced ridicule from a hamburger


An NFL quarterback knows he has truly arrived as it relates to outright mock and ridicule when a local restaurant decides to mock and ridicule them by naming a hamburger after them due to their horrendous performance on the field.

Just ask Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub about the Pick-Six Burger. And now, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden can now consider himself among those quarterbacks this season who have been mocked with meat.

Briquettes Smokehouse, a dining establishment located in Ashtabula, Ohio, has created the “Weeden Burger,” and the description of said sandwich really drives the point home about how the restaurant feels about the quarterback of the local NFL team.

Via the eatery’s Facebook page:

Ouch. Not only is it a vicious screed against Weeden’s quarterbacking capabilities, it’s a tragic waste of burger-eating deliciousness. Top it off with a half of beer and the prospective customer truly is set up for a disappointing dining experience. And yet, it may be comparable to the feeling of being a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan.

And while the burger may be a savage condemnation of Weeden, it is a clever piece of marketing for Briquettes Smokehouse, and it should come as no surprise if restaurants all over the country jump on this bandwagon and begin naming entrees after struggling local pro athletes. It works on so many levels, except for the part about providing a customer with a good meal.

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