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Peyton Manning regretfully declines invite to wedding, but returns autographed RSVP (photo)


If a redditor can be believed, the above image is a recently posted photo of a wedding invitation sent to Peyton Manning by said redditor’s sorority sister that was actually returned by the Denver Broncos quarterback, expressing his regrets that he could not attend the wedding.

Given that the nuptials would take place at a fall/early winter wedding, it is understandable that Manning would have to send his regrets indicating that he would not be able to attend, as he presumably had much better things to do on a Saturday during that particular time of the year.

Well, that and the fact that it can only be assumed that Manning had no idea who the soon-to-be wed couple were. Manning doesn’t strike me as a guy who just shows up at weddings of complete and total strangers.

Manning does deserve kudos, though, for sending back an autographed RSVP card. At the same time, depending on when exactly he responded — the card indicates that the cut-off date for replies was Oct. 23 — Manning could have done a better job of responding in a more timely manner. If this card was just recently received, Miss Manners is not impressed. Then again, that broad ain’t that impressed with pretty much anything except for men and women wearing hats and hosts being unobtrusively and subtly rude to boorish party attendees.

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