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KHL team hires women in lingerie to work ticket counter in order to ‘cheer-up fans’ (video)

(WARNING: Entire video features “Yakety Sax,” the “Benny Hill” theme music. Viewer discretion is advised. Also warranting a “viewer discretion is advised” warning: Video contains scantily clad women wearing lingerie.)

Metallurg Magnitogorsk, a professional hockey team that plays in Eastern Europe’s Kontinental Hockey League came up with a novel approach to drum up interest for the team’s ticket-buying public by hiring “night club dancers” who would be wear lingerie as they sold seats to upcoming games as they “worked” the ticket booths. You know, to “cheer-up fans,” as it was put by the team’s public relations specialist.

Who are the sexist ad wizards who came up this one? Allow Metallurg’s PR front man Anton Chaika to explain.

“This idea was born spontaneously, Chaika said, according to a told Sovetsky Sport report. “We wanted to cheer the fans up before the upcoming home stand. We held auditions for night club dancers and three of them got offers to work in the ticket windows!”

He later added: “Hockey is a man’s sport. What man wouldn’t like to look at a beautiful woman?”

Only in Russia! Okay, maybe that’s not the case. And yet, I don’t see this concept flying in the National Hockey League, or in any other pro sport in America. Here in the States, woman wearing lingerie are only tolerated in sports so long as they are actually playing a sport. Totally different concept.

Moving on, how about this variation on an oldie but a goodie: “In Russia, lingerie-wearing women sell tickets to you!”

Yeah, that doesn’t work at all. In fact, it’s less a joke and more an accurate representation of what’s actually occurring. How did Yakov Smirnoff do it all those years?

[H/T Puck Daddy]