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DeSean Jackson’s 27th birthday party celebration featured some pretty fancy cakes (photos)


On Sunday evening, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson likely was in pretty high spirits and feeling pretty good. For one thing, the Eagles dispatched the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 24-21. Secondly, Sunday also was Jackson’s 27th birthday and he held a little shindig to celebrate.

Unlike most folks who are content with a regular old birthday cake from a bakery — or even a Dairy Queen ice cream cake if the birthday boy or gal is truly fortunate (heck, even a well-prepared Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker are good enough) — Jackson’s birthday cakes were an over-the-top display of how the better half live, confectionery-style.

Photos of both cakes made to a couple of Instagram accounts, including Jackson’s. One was modeled in the shape of a Mercedes-Benz. The other? A stack of $100 bills, of course:

It’s true: It is all about the Benjamins, man.

Pretty fancy, indeed. Do you eat those kind of cakes or simply marvel at them?

(here are some other examples of crazy birthday cakes other pro athletes have enjoyed: Adam Jones (my personal favorite), DeMar Derozan and LeBron James)

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