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Alabama fan miffed by the fact server was an Auburn fan leaves super-crappy non-tip (photo)


Sure, Alabama Crimson Tide football fans had ample reason to be miffed, upset, despondent and even surly in the immediate wake of the team’s heartbreaking loss to the Auburn Tigers on Saturday. In fact, as a sports fan, there are few worse things than be on the losing end of a game that is being referred to as one of the greatest and climactic endings in college football history. But does that give a person the right to treat a server like one Crimson Tide fan treated a restaurant staff member who happened to be an Auburn fan?

As you can see by the payment slip above — from a dining experience that happened Saturday evening, shortly after the huge loss — the Alabama fan left only “ROLL TIDE!” in the tip spot as well as the message, “Don’t talk about being proud of Auburn to an Alabama fan. There’s your tip.”

Some may say this was a perfectly reasonable response, but to be honest, there simply are not enough facts available about what exactly transpired during the interaction between the Alabama-loving customer and the Auburn-loyal server.

Was the Auburn fan/server extremely rude when he stated he was proud of Auburn? Did Forrest rub the customer’s nose in the loss? Or was the Crimson Tide customer extremely rude and didn’t deserve good service? Was the quality of service even a factor in determining the tip?

Servers rely on tips so without any further information available, it’s reasonable to side with the server on this one. Poor form, Crimson Tide fan.

[H/T Busted Coverage, image via @Vaughan_C24]