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Urban Meyer’s wife tweets she’s going to wash hubby’s mouth out with soap for saying ‘Michigan’ (pic)


The hype that surrounds the Michigan Wolverines-Ohio State Buckeyes game during the week leading up to the showdown routinely reaches near-absurd proportions, and this year’s edition of the buildup has been no different.

In fact, it has been even more ridiculous. Story after story has emerged this week detailing just how fanatical not only the teams’ backers whip themselves up into a frenzy over the historically significant match-up but how the players, coaches and universities go all in on the rivalry’s craziness as well.

Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer, clearly forgetting that it is an egregious affront to even mention the name of this weekend’s opponent, had a huge slip-up during a press conference on Monday.

“I grew up in the Ten-Year War,” Meyer told reporters, via Lost Lettermen. “I learned to dislike Michigan at a very young age, but you never truly appreciate (the rivalry) until you’re behind the walls here and see how serious it really is.”

When informed that he actually said the “Name That Must Not Be Spoken,” Meyer said, “I did?” And then, realizing his profound mistake, said, “Wow. I apologize.”

Meyer’s wife Shelly even took to Twitter on Tuesday to playfully castigate her husband for uttering such a horrible word, even joking that Coach Meyer was subjected to some old school punishment for such an affront.

Notice how Mrs. Meyer refuses to even use the letter “M” in her tweet? That’s commitment to a bit. Maybe even a bit too much of a commitment.

And Dove? If a person is going to have their mouth washed out with soap, Dove is an easy way out. How about something with a little more punch, like a heavy-duty bar of LAVA. You know, the kind that has the grit in it. Try getting that crap out of your teeth without a seemingly endless run of mouth-rinsing.