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Tony Romo lands on SI cover: Can a player succumb to the ‘SI Cover Jinx’ if he’s already jinxed?


It was revealed on Wednesday that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is the cover boy of the Dec. 2 issue of Sports Illustrated. An interesting choice.

Sure, the Cowboys are 6-5 and currently are tied with the Phildelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC East. Add that to the fact that the Cowboys — despite all evidence to the contrary — still are routinely referred to as “America’s Team,” along with the typical “East Coast Bias” commonly exhibited by the media perhaps should make the decision to have Romo on the cover less surprising.

The copy on the cover makes the following argument about Romo: “Why America’s Whipping Boy Deserves Your Unconditional Love.” Huh. Never thought of it that way, but there you go.

Still, given the plethora of other compelling stories currently making headlines in the sports world, dedicating the cover to Romo seems a tad odd, at least to this observer.

But Romo’s presence on the cover does bring about an interesting question: Can an athlete who many consider already jinxed succumb to the much ballyhooed “SI Cover Jinx”?

Despite Cowboys owner Jerry Jones unquestioned loyalty to Romo as exhibited by how he constantly comes to the defense of his beleaguered and oft-criticized quarterback, Romo has come up short far too often in clutch moments — both in the regular season and especially the playoffs — to be considered a “winning” quarterback. Despite putting up gaudy numbers throughout his career, all the accolades, hype and coverage bestowed upon Romo still doesn’t take away from the fact that the veteran signal-caller hasn’t come through in big moments when he has had to —  or at least not as often as one would expect.

So, first, is Romo actually jinxed already? And if so, is his appearance on the cover of SI mean that he can be even further jinxed or will it have some kind of reverse effect where Romo finally realizes his potential and leads the Cowboys deep into the playoffs?

A compelling thought, to be sure.