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Tom Brady allegedly called an audible on Sunday that referenced Bill Belichick’s cougar girlfriend


An audible called by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the team’s furious comeback against the Denver Broncos on Sunday made a randy reference to Linda Holliday, the attractive, cougar-esque girlfriend of head coach Bill Belichick.

The play occurred in the third quarter as the Patriots stormed back after spotting the Broncos a 24-0 halftime lead. According to a report in the Boston Herald, Brady, while audibling out of a play, could be heard yelling, “Cougar! Cougar! Linda!.”

The call worked, as Brady threw a six-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski on the play. The touchdown brought the Patriots within three points of the Broncos, and, as they say, the rest is history, as New England made good on its epic comeback attempt, beating Denver 34-31 after Stephen Gostkowski’s 31-yard field goal in overtime sealed the deal.

When asked by WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” show on Monday about the purported audible ode to Miss Holliday, who Belichick has been dating for years, Tom Brady attempted to sidestep the crux of the question entirely.

“We’ve got a lot of calls at the line of scrimmage, some are protection calls, some are calls where we’re directing guys, we got run calls, we got pass calls, we got protection calls, we got dummy calls, so you don’t get locked into one or two things … we ended up using them all,” he said.

Holliday also was asked about the call.

“Well, since it was obviously a good call and a well-executed play, I’ll take a tiny bit of credit — but only for a well-named play,” Linda told the Track. “Seriously, the whole team played hard and we all couldn’t be happier, right?!?”

Holliday also alluded to the semi-salacious on-field dedication via her Twitter account, demurely downplaying her prominent role in the terms used for audibles.

Holliday has been nothing but a positive influence on Belichick during the course of their relationship, helping somewhat defrost the coach’s legendary icy demeanor. Remember when Belichick dressed up as a pirate for Halloween, a hilarious scene chronicled during his profile on “A Football Life” back in 2011? Never would have happened without Holliday’s influence.

Maybe this novel approach to coming up with audible terms will catch on in the NFL. How great would it to learn that Geno Smith could be heard yelling “Michelle! Michelle! Feet!” during an audible at the line of scrimmage, of course referencing the head coach’s wife as well as his predilection for dallying in the world of foot fetishes. Now that would be something.