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Robert Griffin III on nut shot he took Monday night: ‘Obviously I got kicked, you know, in the gonads’


During Monday night’s metaphorical nut shot of a game for the Washington Redskins, a disheartening 27-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Robert Griffin III took a nut shot of his own (literally) courtesy of the foot of 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith.

On Wednesday, RG3 broke down the nuts and bolts of the painful experience with the media.

The topic was broached when RG3 was discussing how his father made an appearance in the Redskins locker room following the game (as reported by Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog):

“Rob, what was he concerned about?” my former colleague, Tarik El-Bashir asked. “What did he see that made him think that you were hurt?”

“Just taking a couple shots,” Griffin said. “Obviously I got kicked, you know, in the gonads. They wanted to see if I was ok there.”

Makes sense. But gonads? It’s been a while since I have heard that term used for balls.

Apparently, a team employee named Tony was bit confused by the use of gonads as well, which led to the following exchange:

“C’mon, Tony” Griffin pleaded with a grin. “That’s an acceptable word. That’s politically correct, right? So he was just checking on that. No mom wants to see her kid out there getting hit, at all. So like I said, it was just him being a father, my mom being a mother. And there was no problem in that. ”

While a bit of an choice, RG3 is correct, right? “Gonads” cannot be considered an offensive term, correct?

And once the silliness train began churning down the tracks, there clearly was no stopping its momentum, as evidenced by how the conversation regarding the relative well-being of RG3’s gonads continued:

“So it’s good to know there’ll be a Griffin the Fourth then?” CSN’s Chick Hernandez inquired.

“There will be a Griffin the Fourth,” the quarterback confirmed. “There will be. There will be.”

Good to know. Good to know.