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New York Knicks fan briliantly tweaks Wikipedia page of owner James Dolan’s band (photo)


Even though the Wikipedia Accuracy Gestapo already has corrected the alterations, some wisenheimer New York Knicks fan had a field day while hacking the Wikipedia page of JD & The Straight Shot, the band fronted by team owner James Dolan.

By brilliantly altering the names of tracks on the band’s albums, the Knicks fan mocked and ridiculed Dolan’s overwrought and ineffective handling of the NBA franchise that he owns.

On the “Can’t Make Tears” album — which I’m sure is a rollicking rock album full of hooks (and airballs — get it?) — song titles were changed to “Can’t Make The Knicks Win,” “Wasting Knicks Fans Time,” “Reunion With Isiah In Hell,” among others. On subsequent album track listings, song titles such as “Slow Motion Turnaround Jumper (feat. JR Smith)” and “There’s Something Wrong Having Draft Picks,” among others, spring up.

Thankfully, the folks over at Extra Mustard were on the ball and snagged a screengrab of the fan’s handiwork:


(click to enlarge)

It seems like Dolan has been more effective this season at making headlines than his team has been effective at playing competent basketball. First it was his ill-conceived criticism of the Knicks City Dancers that ultimately culminated with him preventing the gals from performing during games to making ill-advised guarantees about the Knicks winning (although the team did in fact win that game, only one of the three), Dolan once again has inserted himself into the Knicks narrative, more than any team owner should.