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Blatant Homerism

Kevin Love reacts appropriately to nightmare fuel Photoshop of him and Ricky Rubio (pic)

A hilarious — and at the same time profoundly creepy– Photoshop of Minnesota Timberwolves teammates Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio has been making the rounds about the interwebs the past couple of days, and even Love himself couldn’t stand idly by without commenting on it.

The photoshopped hijinks feature a doctored pic of Love and Rubio where their respective faces are ingeniously exchanged, creating a disconcerting, yet amusing, image. The results are akin to the premise of the horrible film, “Face/Off,” only I suspect the above image is intentionally disturbing.

Seriously, better yet, the two — especially Love (or is it Rubio, er, the shorter one) — look like a couple of extras straight off the set of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

Love posted the photo to his Instagram account and then tweeted, “Really guys???” to articulate his discomfort with the image. Fair enough. Can’t say I blame him.