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‘Disgusting’ and ‘flea bag’ New Jersey motels drastically increasing rates for Super Bowl XLVIII


(image credit: New York Post)

According to a delightfully disparaging report in the New York Post —  the title, “Super Bowl suckers shelling out for ‘disgusting’ motels” really says it all — lodging accommodations in New Jersey will indeed be a seller’s market for folks attempting to book rooms for Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2.

The Post reports that with most of the more deluxe accommodations in New York City already booked up, out-of-the-way motels and hotels in New Jersey are drastically increasing their rates in an attempt to siphon off some of money generated by the Super Bowl being held in nearby MetLife Stadium.

For instance, the Days Inn in North Bergen, which usually charges $125 for a room for the night will be charging an obscene $1,300 for the same room during Super Bowl Week.

According to one online reviewer, the original $125 may be a tad high for the quality of accommodations (via the Post):

The princely sum allows guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of the New Jersey Turnpike and “the potential to take home Hep C and bedbugs,” according to a recent online review.

And although the hotel bills itself as “the perfect home base for exploring New York City and New Jersey,” an inspection by The Post found peeling wallpaper, cheap furnishings and a potential security issue with unlocked doors between adjoining rooms.

And there’s more where that came from:

The Howard Johnson Express in Clifton, meanwhile, is fetching $900 a night — up from its usual $94.

According to former guests, the hotel allows guests to experience “truly disgusting carpeting” and brown tap water.

“If you enjoy sleeping with BED BUGS and DIRT then this hotel is for you!” one reviewer wrote.

Bed bugs, dirt, Hep C and bedbugs. Sounds like a wonderful way to spice up a Super Bowl experience if you ask me.

The kind of rooms that routinely are rented “by the hour” (hint hint) are even attempting to cash in on the Super Bowl frenzy.

The Holland Hotel, for instance, is charging $400 for a room on Super Bowl weekend, up from its usual $125 rate, although no word on whether or not rooms still will be available on a “by the hour” basis.

One online reviewer wrote that The Holland Hotel is “pretty unsafe, with so many people coming and going to have casual sex.”

Sounds grand. Throw in some bed bugs and some outright solicitation of prostitution and we may have a winner here.

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