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In case you’re wondering, Bill Belichick says he always saves room for pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving


Following the extremely interesting story about how the New England Patriots allegedly incorporated the name of Bill Belichick’s cougar girlfriend Linda Holliday into an audible call last Sunday against the Denver Broncos, perhaps reading about Coach Belichick discussing how he attacks the dinner table on Thanksgiving might not seem a very interesting topic.

But anytime the media can get Belichick to evasively discuss something other than football it should be considered a newsworthy item.

On Wednesday, Belichick reportedly greeted reporters with a “Happy Holidays. It’s a little early but …” before launching into a 21-minute media session where the coach touched on a variety of topics. What is most relevant at this moment is Belichick talking turkey day.

Excerpted from’s NFL Nation blog:

Dark meat or white meat? “Whatever is on the plate. I haven’t turned down a lot of food in my Thanksgiving lifetime.”

All the fixings? “Whatever is on there. I make sure to leave room for pumpkin pie. I don’t want to fill up on everything and not be able to eat that pie.”

Thanksgiving a work day: “We’re having to work through it. Last year was a working day, we played on Thanksgiving. I mean, look, it’s always a good feeling to win on Thanksgiving. That makes the turkey taste better and everything is a little bit better. But when you’re not playing, you’re working. That’s usually been the case. We’ve had a lot more games after Thanksgiving than on Thanksgiving Day. It’s certainly an important holiday for Americans and for our society. But at the same time, we have a job to do and part of it is a working day for us. So it’s a working day, it’s a family day, it’s a team day but it’s definitely part working day too.”

Is it just me, or would a looping video of Belichick saying “Eat that pie” over and over be the greatest thing ever?

And it’s nice to know that Belichick doesn’t discriminate when it comes to eating dark meat or white meat. So long as it doesn’t interfere with him feasting upon some tasty pumpkin pie.

Eat that pie. Eat that pie. Eat that pie. See? Imagine it, it would be mesmerizing.