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Robert Griffin III takes a foot straight to the crotchal region courtesy of Aldon Smith (GIFs)


For the first time ever in either his college and pro football career, an offense run by Robert Griffin III failed to score a touchdown as the San Francisco 49ers dismantled the Washington Redskins by a score of 27-6 on Monday Night Football.

While that could be considered a metaphorical kick to the nuts in RG3’s case, he also fell victim to a literal kick to the nuts during the game when Niners lineback Aldon Smith’s foot met RG3’s crotchal region during a play in the third quarter.

Smith was kept just out of arm’s reach of the Redskins quarterback during a rush, but his leg clearly was near enough to make crotchal contact as Smith raised it and nailed RG3 square in the man parts.


RG3’s reaction to the kick to the groin looked as amusing as the actual crotch shot looked painful.

Nice little jig. I’d call it the “Nut Grab Boogie Woogie.”

As Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith would say: “Ice up, son.” Ice up.

[GIFs via SB Nation]